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    IFS AG

    As an independent Swiss wealth management boutique, we specialise in personalised investment advisory and wealth management for institutional and discerning private investors. We combine the flexibility and discretion of a personal partner with the expertise of our staff and the freedom to work with the best service providers on the market. As a FINMA-regulated manager of collective investment schemes, we also manage occupational pension assets.

  • Our credo.

    Rather than being a game of chance, investing assets successfully is the result of a clear, transparent and consistent investment philosophy. We pursue an active investment strategy and focus primarily on absolute returns on our investments. We actively embrace our credo in practice, adopting a rigorous approach to risk management.

    We aim for lasting relationships with our clients to facilitate sustainable, successful investment solutions. This is why you and your objectives are always at the centre of our attention. So let’s set and achieve them together. 

  • November 2021Market Commentary


    October 2021

    After an initially good start on the financial markets, the mood turned from optimism to pessimism.



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